Anagram List.

Anagram: A word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters.

Here is a list of some nice and funny Anagram’s:

A decimal point = I’m a dot in place
A diet = I’d eat
A Gentleman = Elegant Man
A perfectionist = I often practice
A telescope = To see place
Achievements = Nice, save them
Admirer = Married
Anti-democratic = Dictator came in
Astronomers = Moon starers
Car has = A crash
Chemistry = Shit, me cry
Clothes pins = So let’s pinch
Coins kept = In pockets
Comfort is = Microsoft
Debit card = Bad credit
Dictionary = Indicatory
Disc = Is cd
Dormitory = Dirty room
Election results = Lies – let’s recount
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
Fingertips = Finest grip
Funeral = Real fun
Geologist = Go Get Oils
Goodbye = Obey god
Hot water = Worth tea
Intensive care = I can’t even rise
Intoxicate = Excitation
Ipod lover = Poor devil
Laxative = Exit lava
Listen = Silent
Madam Curie = Radium came
Meal for one = For me alone
Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler
My ideal time = Immediately
older and wiser = I learned words
Princess Diana = End is a car spin
Rome was not built in a day = Any labour I do wants time
Sweep the floor = Too few helpers
Television ads = Enslave idiots
The best things in life are free = Nail-biting refreshes the feet!
The cockroach = Cook, catch her
The Detectives = Detect Thieves
The eyes = They see
The Morse code = Here come dots
The Titanic disaster = Death, it starts in ice
Vacation Times = I’m Not as Active
Video game = Give a demo

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