Error: SVN ‘\’ is not a working copy error.


Many a times, an ‘SVN update’ or ‘SVN commit’ command produces the following error:
“SVN ‘\’ is not a working copy error.”

This usually happens when SVN is installed on a Windows machine and linux drive is mapped using samba service.

This happens if the root of the drive containing the source code is shared and mapped.

To resolve this issue, map the parent drive (and not the root) and then try to update or commit on the root of the drive.

Considering an example, if the source code is stored in drive /home/xyz/www/mywebsite/source-code, then do not map the complete drive.

Instead map ‘/home/xyz/www/mywebsite/’ using samba and then navigate to ‘source-code’ directory and try to do an SVN update or commit.

This will no longer produce this error.

Hope this answers the question.