Fix js calendar position in IE browser.


It has been seen many a times that if the content of the page is long and if js calendar is included below the whole content, then its position is not as desired in IE browser.

It is positioned perfectly in Mozilla Firefox next to the trigger button. However in IE it is randomly positioned anywhere in the HTML page.

To address this problem, you may refer following links:

Copying from the above links for quick reference:
To fix the IE 8 position issue go to calendar.js file. Somewhere around line 1392 you should see the following block of code:

if (Calendar.is_ie) { br.y += document.body.scrollTop; br.x += document.body.scrollLeft; } else { br.y += window.scrollY; br.x += window.scrollX; }

Replace this code with:

br.y += window.scrollY; br.x += window.scrollX;

That is what worked for me. I haven’t checked if it screws up the calendar position on ie 6, it probably does. But people shouldn’t be using that anyways.