USB Error: The device can perform faster.


I’ve been using USB wireless mouse for quite a long time now. The only disadvantage I thought was high battery consumption.

However lately, I am being irritated by a new problem of this wireless USB device.

Occasionally, while using my wireless mouse, a pop-up suddenly and randomly appears in the Windows Taskbar saying that ‘USB device can perform faster. High-speed USB device has been plugged into a Non-high-speed USB port.’

It becomes very irritating and annoying to see that pop-up again and again. Moreover it does not come alone. It is always accompanied by that weird sound to add to the annoyance.

I have still not been able to figure out as to why this error keeps coming up at random times even though both the USB device and USB port are compatible.

However there is a solution in Windows to at least disable and suppress that USB error from popping out every now and then.

Steps are:

  1. Go to ‘Device Manager’ and click on the plus icon near the title ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ to expand the options.
  2. Right click on any one ‘Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller’ and click ‘Properties’.
  3. Go to ‘Advanced’ tab and check the checkbox ‘Don’t tell me about USB errors.’

These steps would at least not show that annoying message again and again.