Win XP: Maximizing a window from taskbar automatically maximizes other window too.


It is often irritating when we want to maximize one window from taskbar and other non-required window is automatically maximized.

Consider a scenario where multiple windows are open in windows taskbar. Call them Window-1, Window-2 and Window-3.

Now we want to minimize and maximize Window-1 by clicking it in the taskbar.

But when we try to maximize Window-1, Window-3 is automatically maximized. This becomes annoying many a times.

So a simple solution to prevent maximization of Window-3 (when we click on Window-1) is as follows:
1) Press “Win + D” to view Show Desktop.
2) Now try to click on Window-1 icon in taskbar and you’ll see that Window-3 automatically maximizes in the background. (This can be verified by minimizing Window-1 again)
3) Click on Window-3 or move the focus to Window-3.
4) Right click on Window-3 icon in taskbar and click ‘Minimize’ link. Doing this, Window-3 will be minimized.
5) Now left click on Window-3 and it will be maximized again.
6) Now try clicking on Window-1 again. This time Window-3 will not interfere in the process.